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Micah The Violinist

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Micah’s passion for music began even before he could tie words into coherent sentences. At only two years of age, he started what became a lasting concord with his violin. He attended the Suzuki Violin Studies School in Tokyo, Japan and the Stage Music School in Aix-en-Provence, France; he was enrolled for four consecutive terms, at six months per term.

At the age of thirteen, Micah performed with Liza Minnelli during her solo concert at the Philadelphia Academy of Music. Soon after, he was chosen to join the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra as principle first violinist, under Anthony Primavera. While pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in International Business at Drexel University, Micah became the lead violinist in the school’s String Ensemble.

Upon graduation, Micah continued to enhance his skills by studying with various musicians throughout the Philadelphia area. Such were Estelle Kerner, the author of the book, “A History of the East European Violinist”, and Xiao-Fu Zhou, of the Pennsylvania Centre Orchestra. Micah is currently studying Jazz & Blues improvisation with Eric Nemeyer, publisher of Jazz Improv Magazine.

Micah collaborates with various club DJ’s to produce and record numerous tracks. In his play, Micah covers the vast spectrum of musical genres: from classical to Hip-Hop, from Jazz to world music. He has played with the School of Thought to produce fresh Hip-Hop tracks. With Glyde/Starlight Productions, he plays weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and other special events. As a member of the Marc Sherman Orchestra, he performs in various Jazz & Blues sessions.

Micah is quite known for his performances in numerous night-clubs all over the world. He has given stellar performance in many different countries, including the United States, Spain, Holland, France, Italy, South America, Canada, just to name a few. He plays in styles ranging from the Far East, India, and Middle East to Latin and Spanish.

Micah possesses a unique flair for improvising over any style of music. Upon request, he can accompany virtually any song of any style with other musicians or alone, giving a seamless impromptu performance. Micah enjoys performing solos as much as collaborating with other musicians, but he especially thrives on performing with percussionists and vocalists.