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Richard Price aka ‘Metzo’ is a Swansea (UK) based producer/musician, born in November 1986. Since the young age of three, Richard was introduced into the world of music by learning to play the piano and, by the age of 10, he had won many competitions playing jazz and classical pieces. He then went on to learn the violin; passing his examinations up to grade 5 and achieving the highest score in Swansea for his grade 3 examination. He was subsequently accepted to play in the West Glamorgan Youth Orchestra. Sadly, he hasn’t played the violin for many years, but intends to begin again when he has more time available. At the age of 14, Richard gained an interest in rock and metal music, and so decided to learn to play the electric guitar and drums, quickly picking up guitar skills because of his musical background. He has played in numerous bands and has performed live many times, from Swansea to Belgium, as rhythm/lead guitarist and vocalist. At the age of sixteen, Rich found himself drawn to the drum and bass scene; after a few years of absorbing and developing a taste for the music he made the decision, in October 2006, to start making his own tracks. Richard then began his Music Technology degree in the University of Glamorgan. He graduated in summer 2009, achieving a BSc (Hons) in Music Technology. He has since found himself listening to a wider range of electronic music, speficicaly Electro/house and Dubstep, He decided to have a crack at producing his own. This became the birth of ‘Metzo’