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House, Minimal

Mettylectro Beatport




Its a period of frustration everywhere !! Commercial Music , boring Artists?..No one is bringinback the love for that spiritual thang , that body thang , that house thang !!!Rebelling Djs , striking from the hidden Delicious base are takinover the Galaxy to bring that groove back to all rasses in the huge world of cosmos !! Metty was born in a night full of Thunderstorms?Maybe this is the reason that the force is with him..In his younger years, Metty was a party rocker , like everyone in this Galaxy!! He slept too long, partied all the time , and got the same problem ? The housevirus took over.. A Jedi called Karotte came and learned him all the skills and animations he need to step right up in his footsteps to rescue the galaxy from this boring, commercial , uninnovative sounds !!!!!!!!!! His Weapon agaist this musically crazyness , are 2Pioneer CDJs, a Laptop and TORQ..His finest weapon with Timecodevinyls to fight against musical rassism as a digital Dj !!!!Last year he increased his skills at Planet Ibiza!! He played and rescued the crowd from the imperial cheesy sounds in Venues like EsParadis ; HUSH ; Orange Corner and VIVA !! This year the rebel is rockin all famous floors in Germany , like U60311/Frankfurt ; Airport/Wrzburg ; Bukowski /Heilbronn (to name a few). Also his journey will take him to other countries and cities like Ibiza/Spain; Norwich/UK; Ostrawa /Czechia ; Strassbourg / France ; and some other places to rescue the galaxy from the imperium.. Also Metty is busy in the studios to create a new force to rescue more and more people from the imperial commercial influence?MAY THE FORCE BE WITH HIM !!!!!!!!

Its Metty-Time !!!!!!

Text written by OBIWAN KENOBI