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Mettle Music

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Mettle Music
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The two men at the helm of the Mettle Music production family are Nic Conef and Mark Wadsworth. Based within the fertile deep house breeding ground of Manchester, England where their evocative sound has evolved consistently and confidently into maturity since their first release as part of Mettle Music Collective in June ‘99 on Toko Records.

Nic Conef is a veteran house head fully committed to the cause of proper house music since the earliest days of the club scene. His passion was further developed in the mid nineties thanks to the fresh approach of seminal British House labels, such as Paper, Toko and Nuphonic. Fully inspired off he went to develop his own sound with talented musician and percussionist, Mark Wadsworth.

Mark had been working with various bands in the live music scene in Manchester. Frustration with endless gigging drew him to the world of dance music and the keys to the recording studio. Experimenting with a fusion of jazz, electronica and beats he first collaborated with Sam Kynaston for his first album release Yennah’s ‘Red Noise’ on Freerange Records in ’98.

Complimenting each other’s varied backgrounds and skills; they tapped into their network of talented musicians and released their first record as “Mettle Music Collective” on Toko Records.

Realizing that they really produced the goods working together as a team, we now have the more finely toned “Mettle Music” came of age with the acclaimed debut album project ’Honeycomb Lounge’.

Both still venture off for other collaborations, Mark has a solo project ‘Square One’ with an album ‘Round One’ recently released on Freerange & as well as overseeing the production of a new Collective project, Nic has just completed working on the ‘Destination Manchester’ compilation for Bar De Lune/Beechwood music. Selecting tracks from the wide choice of quality Manchester based producers & artists & working on the launch of the new label for autumn 2003. Work is now complete on the new album “Moodswings” due to be released on Bar De Lune (part of the Beechwood Music group) in September.

In the meantime you can catch the guys out and about DJing with 4 decks, sampler, keyboards & live percussion, add to that the occasional appearance of live sax, guitar, flute, bass & vocals and you’ve got one loaded set of seriously sexy, groovin house…


Nic Conef, Mettle Music’s ‘man with the plan’ adds an extra dimension or two to his DJ sets with the aid of exclusive unreleased tracks, re-edits & ‘unofficial’ remixes and with the help of an additional musician or two you can also have live guitar, sax & flute too.

The full live band experience with guitar, keyboards, sax, flute, percussion, & bass is as close as you will get to live band playing house music but probably more suitable for club’s is the option of a part live/part DJ element which combines the deep funky sounds of Mettle Music’s own unique and specially prepared tracks with the options of live sax, guitar, percussion , keys & vocals (from Spanish vocalist Malena)evolving into a fully loaded set of groovin’ house resulting in a completely new and unique set every time.