Metro Beatport


DJ Metro’ musical career started back in the 5th grade. He had been bought a shiny, brand new saxophone by his Grandmother whom had a passion for the sound of a saxophone and it’ jazzy, mellow tones. He was reluctant at first because he felt that he would be most suited playing the drums. Seeing videos of Buddy Rich and Max Roach were so appealing to him. The energy surrounded with what they did was intoxicating and it looked so amazing. In the wishes of his Grandmother, he started to study the art of the saxophone and all of the musical theory, individual scales, arpeggios, and all that his young mind could take in and understand. He later on learned how to play many other instruments and finally in the 8th grade, he learned how to play drums.

This led to amazing experiences for him. He was crowned with All-State and All-Northwest titles for his progress and skill. After High School, Metro started to drift apart from playing the drums. Cramped for space, and having not much spare time, he decided it was best to store away the drums in the garage.

In November of 2001, he was introduced to the turntables by a long time friend who had been a DJ for about 10 years. Metro found similarities between the drums and the turntables, figuring out that it took concentration, dedication, and good coordination to control the records for mixing, scratching, and other tricks associated with hardcore turntablists. In May of 2002 Metro finally bought his turntables, mixer, and assorted records and started to learn the ways of being a DJ. Since then, he has been seen mixing up many different genres and catering to a wide variety of musical tastes in creative ways. He loves the intimacy and the energy that comes with being right there with the people, and sharing the same love and vibe that infects others with the urge to dance. The most satisfaction he experiences, is knowing that he is a big part of that energy and vibe… the pulse.

And to clear the imaginations of others thinking his DJ name was derived from a low end automobile, Metro’ nickname was an abbreviation of him being called Metronome, a device used to help musicians keep perfect musical time. It was the drummer in him which helped him to start his DJ career, so to honor that reason he still carries the nickname Metro.

The rest is history in the making…