Metatron Beatport


Hailing from Phoenix Arizona, Robert Cox “Metatron” began his life of music in early 1998. He had his first tastes of electronic music and instantly fell in love with the sound and the culture behind it. He began his DJ career shortly after. Signing up with Liquid Media Music in mid 2000, he began to really learn to understand the equipment and music theory in general. With the help of a few local legends such as Matty and Project23 he started his evolution into the sound that is the Metatron. He and Project23 formed a small collaboration called “The Living Library” in 2001. It consisted of the 2 Dj’s, four turn tables, a laptop, a few midi controllers and an array of many different synth machines and toys. The Genre exploited was an Ambient/Down Tempo sound that utilized in his opinion some of most intelligently composed music in the world. This took his appreciation of music one step further. In early 2005 he intergraded with Local Heroes “The Dirt Assasinz” (Crewmates: Rob Kwik, Matteo, Steve Kerr, Brook B, Yello, Niko, Omniphonix, and Shonie). Their wide range of different talents and Genre’s could appeal to anyone with an appreciation for great music. From Breaks (all forms of Electro, Funky, Nu Skool, ect.), House, Drum and Bass/Jungle, and Hip Hop. The diversity of many different genres and the down to earth mentality of the crew itself made it a perfect match. They are consistently working and expanding to reach new heights. Here he feels at home and enjoys the Family Oriented crew. In early 2006 he teamed up with his friend and crewmate Joseph Leason “Yello”. Starting off as a simple 2×4 set, the duo found a dynamic that could not be ignored. The two began to work together more often and discovered that they shared many of the same ideals when it came to music: understanding it, writing it, playing it, and their desire for success in doing what they love. The two made a pact to make it to the top and have been destroying dance floors ever since. Both have been featured on “This Week at Beatport” and are currently working in the studio writing tracks and remixes for former Bassbin Twin Pete Smalls and his new SnapTrax label. The combined drive, experience, and appreciation for music, makes them an unstoppable force that you will be hearing for a long time to come.