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DJ Meta 4 is the Music connoisseur's DJ. With an impeccable ear for mixing the right music for the right crowd. He knows how to push the right buttons to get the crowd danc... read more
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Location: Miami, United States United States
Genre: Hip-Hop

DJ Meta 4 is the Music connoisseur’s DJ. With an impeccable ear for mixing the right music for the right crowd. He knows how to push the right buttons to get the crowd dancing.

Born Alain Moya, he is a 1st generation native Miamian. Son of immigrants, which left their homeland, Cuba, fleeing the cruelties of Communism. Raised in Hialeah, a melting pot of cultures, he started spinning the moment he heard the different types of music his older brother would listen to, anything from George Clinton and Parliament, to Fania All-Stars, 2 Live Crew and even Santana, he was taking it all in.

Currently, Meta 4 has been spinning at the #1 Dance Club in the U.S., Club Space Miami. For the last 4 years hes been rocking the masses as DJ in residence with DJ Radamas. During his time at Club Space Miami, he has DJ’d alongside some of the top DJ’s in the world like Deep Dish, Paul Van Dyk, David Guetta, Erick Morillo, Sander Kleinenberg, Roger Sanchez, Boris, Chus & Ceballos and many many more.

In the early 2000’s Meta 4 has been keeping dance floors pumping across Miami and South Beach’s hottest clubs like Mansion, BED, Opium, Pearl and many more. Meta 4 is always pushing the limit of the club goers musical tastes, by understanding what the crowd wants, and always breaking new artists and songs.

In addition to DJ’ng Clubs. Meta 4 has also DJ’d many special and celebrity events like the Latin Grammy After Party, The Crockett Foundation charity events, Tyresse’s Lingerie Party and at the Best Buddies Gala for the Kennedy-Shriver Foundation, to name a few.

DJ Meta 4 was not always rocking the best clubs and spinning the most exclusive events. He had to pay his dues. During the 1990’s (Golden Age of Hip Hop) , Meta 4 was responsible for bringing and spinning for some of the best Hip-Hop artists of the day like Digable Planets, Leaders Of The New School (Busta Rhymes), Grand Puba, ONYX and many more. Meta 4 also DJ’d and made cameo appearances in several Music Videos like Hey DJ by Lighter Shade of Brown.

In addition to serious Hop-Hop street cred, Meta 4 developed his early styles live mixing Freestlye/Bass/Classic Rock/Funk/Classic House/Acid Jazz/Alternative/Progressive music with Hip-Hop before it was ever called “Open Format”. Meta 4 was also one of the first DJ’s doing live mixes of Acapellas over various Instrumentals before the term “Mash-Up” was ever coined. During the early 90’s Meta 4 spun at some of the best underground clubs in Miami such as Manhattans, Club Deco (1235), Carver Center (Underground Compound), The Junkyard, Cameo, The Cave (The Joint), Groove Jet, Rose’s Lounge, Kaya, 5th Street, The Joint, The Kitchen Club, Hell’s Kitchen, The Industry, The Institute, Labyrinth, The Church and Fat Black Pussycat just to name a few.

Not only has DJ Meta 4 been rocking the club circuit for the past 17 years, but has also been heavily involved behind the scenes in the music industry working as a Studio Manager for Dream House Studios, producing beats and mix tapes like “Walking Check” (hosted by DJ Khaled) for the late Toro a legend in Miami’s underground scene.

Realizing that the music industry was about to get turned upside down and the internet was going to be the key to the future of music Meta 4 started his own Podcast, “DJ Meta 4’s Lounge”, and the “Grey Matter Blog” , an online Hip-Hop news portal, with an emphasis on breaking new Miami artists. In the 4 years DJ Meta 4 has dedicated to creating an online presence, DJ Meta 4’s Podcats has thousands of subscribers from around the world in Europe, Asia, America, Australia and the Caribbean, who sign up to get access to his various podcast mixes which range from Roots Reggae to 80’s Disco-Funk to 90’s Golden Era of Hip-Hop all the way to Cutting Edge Hip-Hop. No one really breaks records like DJ Meta 4 does.