Messiah Beatport


Real Name : Jason Purdie

Location : Seattle, WA, USA

Bio : Jason Purdie aka DJ Messiah is a traveller, never retracing the same footsteps twice and always moving forward. The soundtrack to his voyages is much the same. Dynamic, ever-changing, adventurous, and exciting. Close your eyes and he will take you to the moon. Jason Purdie is causing a ruckus in the Pacific Northwest. After several years of DJing around the nation and gaining the exposure from playing with world-class DJs in amazing cities like Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Vancouver; he is now more focused on the local front. He has held down club residencies and helped build the electronic music scene in Idaho, Utah, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Now he is working on production with fellow producers from SF, Chicago, and Seattle with expected releases for spring 2008. This determination to spread dance music coupled with his forward thinking has brought him to the forefront of the scene in Seattle where he is the host of Qool Seattle weekly at See Sound Lounge (One of Seattle’s best-known danceclubs for having an unmatched vibe). Jason is focused on bringing together quality people and quality music and allowing that natural union to occur. Watch for his upcoming releases, remixes, and DJ mixes this year as he is sure to be helping put Seattle on the map.