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Dallas, United States

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DJ MERRITT has been one of the ground breakers in the New York club scene since 1989, playing his unique blend of hard-house, tribal and progressive beats on the main floors of some of the city’s best known clubs. He is one of the originators of the SUGAR BABIES party which ran for seven years, was one of the main players in the long running Latin-house party CAFE CON LECHE and was the first d.j. to play at the infamous TUNNEL night club (MERRITT was responsible for spearheading that club’s now notorious after hours in the fall of 1993).

MERRITT has brought his skills to such events as WIGSTOCK, KATE MOSS and GRACE JONES’s BIRTHDAY PARTIES, THE AIDS DANCE-A-THON ( with MADONNA, VANESSA WILLIAMS and ROSIE PEREZ ) , QUEEN LATIFAH’S 1999 MTV MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS after party and one of PRESIDENT CLINTON’S INAUGURATION NIGHT GALAS ( with “MARKYMARK WAHLBERG. His first pairing with Mr. Wahlberg was the opening of CLUB USA). MERRITT has also been part of night club events featuring ( once again ) MADONNA, PRINCE, DONATELLA VERSACE, FAITH EVANS, TOTAL, BIG PUN, SALT N PEPA, BUSTA RYMES, RUN DMC, NICK SCOTTI, and BOY GEORGE among others.