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Merlyn’s master plan has been unfolding long before his friends chose his name to describe the magical ways in which he manipulated sounds both behind the turntables and in the studio. Since the early 90’s when he was spinning records at house parties and clubs while producing and engineering bass records in some of Miami’s hottest studios, Merlyn has always been one to share his passion for music with others. While Miami Bass, which is still a large part of his style today, was the catalyst for his entrance into the world of the DJ and Producer, Merlyn’s early days in the underground club scene at the famous Edge nightclub in Fort Lauderdale helped shape the sound that he is known for today by introducing him to early Progressive House and Breakbeat.

"Bring Your Luv”, his first record which was recorded under his old “Quest” alias, became an instant American underground classic and catapulted him into the spotlight as one of the Premier up and coming Breakbeat producers in the United States, while at the same time, inviting listeners to discover his incredible talent as a DJ as well. His subsequent releases on self-owned Dreamscape Recordings (such as the piano anthem “Search” and the darker acid breaks stompers “Spellbound” and “Incantations”) and collaborations like “Path to Redemption” and "Taken” (which were done with old high school friend Jasp 182 on Insomniac Records) have earned him respect as one of the innovators of a sound that can only be described as American Breaks/Bass (without the corny samples) meets whatever the hell he feels like.

His popularity has becoming more and more evident through fantastic recording sales and the constant demand for his songs to appear on CD compilations (including mixed CD’s by Babyanne, Simply Jeff, Rick West, Chris Fortier, and many more). His never ending DJ appearances around the country at clubs and major festival events are proof of Merlyn’s emergence as a musical leader and a consistent crowd pleaser.

In addition to his constant performances around the country, sales of his mixed CDs (the Breakbeat classic mix entitled “Spellbound” and the Progressive / U.K. Breakbeat mix, "Nu Horizons Vol.1” on Streetbeat Records) are continuing to rise in sales, with both CDs selling in excess of 50,000 units and climbing.

Following is never something that Merlyn was good at. Leading is. Constantly evolving and honing his craft, Merlyn leads by example. Always maintaining the perfect blend of “up to date” sounds and dancefloor sensibility, he is destined to be one of the cornerstones of American Breakbeat for a long time to come.

Merlyn’s Discography:

12” Releases

Quest: Bring Your Luv – Dreamscape Recordings (1995)

Merlyn: Search – Dreamscape Recordings (1996)

Merlyn: Taken – Insomniac Records (1997)

Merlyn vs. Jasp 182: Path To Redemption – Insomniac Records (1997)

Merlyn: Incantations – Dreamscape Recordings (1999)

Merlyn: Solar Flares – Low Phat Records (2003)

Burufunk: Midnight Run (Merlyn Remix) – Low Phat Records (2003)

Dave Berg vs. Jackal and Hyde: Whose In Control (Merlyn and Ash Rock

Remix) – Low Phat Records (2004)

Merlyn vs. Burufunk: 2 Lives – Low Phat Records (2004)

Hydraulix and Merlyn: The Owners Manual EP – Kuad Recordings (2004)

Merlyn and Ash-Rock: Darkness Comes – Kuad Recordings (2008)

Merlyn: Superbass 2 – Kuad Recordings (November 2009)

Merlyn: Kryptonite – (Unreleased)

Merlyn and Ash Rock: Bi-Polar (Unreleased)

CD Releases

Merlyn: Spellbound – Streetbeat Records (2000)

Merlyn: Nu Horizons Volume 1 – Streetbeat Records (2001)

In addition, Merlyn tracks have appeared on the following mix compilation:

Simply Jeff: Funkdafried – Moonshine

Rick West: Flavored Beats 4 – Painted Puppy

Chris Fortier: Atmospherics Volume 1 – Streetbeat Records

Babyanne: Mixed Live – Moonshine

Storm and Trevor Rockwell: The Future Sound of Breaks Volume 1 – Droppin Science

Baby Anne: Ground And Pound – Moist Music

Baby Anne: BabyLicious – Moist Music