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Musician/Producer/DJ Meridian was introduced to jungle at a very young age. She became fascinated with breaks and beats played on local late night radio shows.

She bought her first Technics turntables at the age of fourteen. Then she began playing Trance and Jungle music.

“I remember having my older friends pull over to the side of the road, we would kick it and listen to Liquid Todd on K-Rock for hours.”

At the age of 16, she began to realize the true potential of the Jungle scene. She stopped DJing Trance altogether and focused mainly on Jungle.

As she grew up in her teens, she found herself living in a new age of electronic music. She began using looping and sampling to create her own music ranging from Jungle to Industrial. Every year she became older and the scene had evolved into something greater. At the age of eighteen she was writing her own music and producing tracks. Her most infamous song to date entitled “Grab Your Ankles” has never officially been released.

“I always felt like the track needed more before being pressed, then I just became too busy with my other songs. I plan on creating enough relevant tracks to make a full length LP in the near future, but who knows.”

Meridian has a unique style. She often neglects making track lists and prefers to DJ spontaneously. Her sets are varied, ranging from neuro dark drum and bass to liquid funk.

“I like to play whatever I feel like, these DJs plan out their track lists like it’s some kind of pseudo rock concert. I like to rev up the people and give them what they want, bass.”

Meridian has made her appearance at various events in the US. She is has had collaborations with several musicians such as Red Reflection.