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Esteban Battilana is the man behind Mercurio, a most personal artistic project born from the new millennium in which productions of electronic music in dj set format blend with live guitars. The result: a show of innovating character that builds a bridge of sound from rock and pop to progressive house.

His childhood was more linked to keyboards than to cords; at 14 Esteban starts studying guitar, his principal models being great rock interpreters such as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Greg Howe. Thus, while improving his technique day after day, towards the late 80´s he begins his career as an instrumentalist, both individually or in local bands of the sort. Years later, led by Ricardo Lew (La Banda Elastica, Quinteto Piazzola), he gives a generic turn and starts to explore the universe of jazz.

These experiences enriched his musical formation and allowed him to find, halfway through the 90´s, a personal profile in the field of electronic music. Nevertheless, he did not abandon the cords after the machines. In 1995, Esteban recorded the guitars for the House group Codex, pioneer in Argentina, and months later he dedicated himself completely to Azul Marino his first record as in solitaire. This rock record was praised by the very same Steve Vai, whom Esteban met in 1997.

Already familiar with the production field, between the walls of his own studio Esteban gave life to Mercurio, an original initiative which allowed him to focus his career in one single direction. His debut album as Mercurio triggered his presentations in different bars of Buenos Aires first, and finally led him to disembark at the club scope with his design. In this way his name got to be known by important heralds of the national electronic scene such as Hernan Cattaneo whom, at the moment, considers him as one of the best local producers.

In 2003 Mercurio acquires international dimension. His frequent trips to Europe together with his shows there resulted in a contract with the Swiss label Sog Records; until today it continues to release his tracks and remixes. Also, these are included in other distinguished catalogues of the industry; such as Deep Dish’s brand (Yoshitoshi), and soon the Australian label Vapour will release a Kasey Taylor remix with his sign and seal.

Furthermore, some of his creations such as the Violently Happy version, by Bjork, traveled all around the world among the records of dj’s such as Nick Warren, Dave Seaman or Paul Oakenfold, who even took hold of Mercurio’s Utraviolet remix, by U2, to open his set at the Homelands 2003 festival.

With the unfolding of an original synthesis of progressive house and guitars, Mercurio was part of Creamfields Buenos Aires 2003 and 2004, in order to close a year of outstanding presentations (alongside Australian trio Infusion) and trips throughout the country.