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Melodic Force

Istanbul, Turkey

Hard Dance, Trance

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Melodic Force started his DJ career in beach clubs in Turkey, 1995. His production career started in his home based studio in 1999 under the name of BTY Productions. Although Baybars Tolgahan Yilmaz aka Melodic Force is known as trance music producer, his goal is to become the most popular Trance DJ.

Additional Info: His old name is DJ Delly.

As a pioneering Turkish producer and having many encouraging fans and listeners in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. M.F. decided to promote trance music in Turkey. M.F.‘s first aim’s indicating the Turkish producers well productions.

M.F. has been interested in electronic music for a long time, his passion for dance music actually started in 1992. Influenced by different types of music before that date, M.F. decided to use his talent for music with the help of god-given ear of music.

Beginning with pop music-the common type of music of that time, M.F. combined the most sought after electronic music genres of now such as techno, trance, house, progressive house, tribal techno, deep trance and hard trance styles under his works, decorating them with original effects and vocal samples. Since the beginning of 90s electronic music is getting to be known more in Turkey because of new clubs and special events with international artists M.F. is determined to introduce trance music more in his own country as well as in other venues around the world.

In the first album (Complicated) tracks called Clubber Trance and Giddy apparently became very popular and encouraged M.F. to release his second album (Mysterious) Mysterious, Job Application and Heavenly.

In last quarter of 2002 and first half of 2003 he was interested in his brother’s (DJ Tog-i) education and his album arrangement. M.F. will be making his third album (Exist) by August 2003 with more professional experience.

Melodic Force is determined to be the best with this new album especially with the songs called “Like I Do” and “Make The Storm”.