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Melodic Culture

Berlin, Germany

House, Trance

Condura Recordings, Ebony Red Records, Redux Recordings
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Since he had his first mixing desk, Benjamin had a passion for DJing and producing. In the following years he played many events and clubs. But he wanted more, so Benjamin started producing his own tracks. In 2005 he made remixes for projects including Annakiya (United Dancers), DCW Allstars (DCW Bookings) and Groovemike.

During 2006, Benjamin joined the label New Style Perspective and started his first project called Plastic Illusion with Marc van Gale. This developed into a new direction, Melodic Culture. This now takes his solo focus along with creating remixes for the like of DJ Cyber (NSP), Tube Tonic and DJ Shandar (Mental Madness), Marc van Gale (NSP).

Melodic Culture is now refining his sounds with the backing of UK label Ebony Red. Next stop for Benjamin is his atmospheric trance anthem On the Other Side with remixes by Amado & White and George Ellinas.