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Meko, has played at all the major Portuguese clubs, events and alongside the best known DJs. Meko is a promising figure in the Portuguese dance scene. Playing all genres of House, he can start a set playing deeper sounds and coherently progressing to tech-house or even techno! Why not?! This is what makes this dj have a big fanbase that appreciates his monumental sets. DJ Meko has shared the booth with names like,DJ Vibe (PT),Peter Bailey (USA),Low End Specialists (USA),Superchumbo (UK), Lexicon Avenue (UK),John Creamer (USA),Silicone Soul (SCO),Phonique (DE),Tigerskin (DE),Luca Ricci (IT),Makossa&Megablast (AT),Mark Fanciulli (UK),Jim Masters (UK),Kobbe (USA),Miss Sheila (PT),Carlos Manaca (PT),Frank Maurel (PT),Pete Tha Zouk (PT),DJ Jiggy (PT),Carlos Fauvrelle (PT),among others… In 2007 he decided to learn about producing, and soon he launched his first releases “Dirty Circuit” on Event Records,“First Time in a Club” on American based label Slanted Black, a co production with Miss Sheila on Hangman for the Japonese label Nanowave and he´s newest singles “Piano Man” Plastik Galaxy and “Musa” at Aenaria Recordings.He is now entirely dedicated to his Dj and Production evolution,with new releases scheduled for this year…Keep an eye on this young talent.