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Perth, Australia

Hard Dance, Trance

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Mekk Beatport


Mekk was born in the small town of Barberton with his dad working as a Geologist for a mining firm. After moving to several locations in South Africa he and his family moved to Australia at the age of 5.

One of Mekk’s friends in high school approached him and introduced him to the world of EDM with a magnificent set made by the big man himself, DJ Tiesto: In Search of Sunrise 3. He immediately fell in love with this new style of music, it opened so many doors, and he could finally get away from the stereotypical rock bands of the new millennium.

He listened to the music for quiet some time, he enjoyed ever bit of it, if it was from the pumping Hard Trance at street parade or to the quiet chillout that streamed through his head while he slept.

At that point he met another important person going by the name of DJ Jerm who specialized in the creation of EDM through the means of such programs as Fruity Loops. Although this did not immediately spark his interest he came to think more and more about the production and presentation of this wonderful genre. That’s when he decided to be a DJ. After going down to the local DJ shop (Almost 2 hours away) as soon as he first but the vinyl on the turntable he knew what he wanted to do.

Over the next coming 6 months Mekk acquired a pair of 1650’s and a DM 3050 and has started looking into the battle scene via the underground symmetry.