Meke Beatport


Always having been deeply in love with all things hardcore, Meke has been widely known in Finland during past 7 years as one of these few DJs remaining faithful to the roots of rave music. Arguably the best old school rave DJ in the country, Meke always played a lot of true hardcore classics and early rave sound in his sets, giving people a lovely glimpse of the music which started it all. That does not mean though that Meke is just an old beard, stuck in the past. Constantly evolving along with dance music, this extremely talented DJ not only skillfully combines classics and new school hardcore, Meke is also responsible for bringing makina to Finland, being only one spinner in the country playing this exciting combination of hard trance and happy hardcore. Not only the regular DJ, sometimes Meke likes to bring some new twist to his set, using the microphone as MC to make people go completely loco. So you can be sure, Meke will definitely not leave you unsatisfied!

Meke’s passion for the music has seen him spinning as regular guest at such respected event as Madwave, holding long term residencies at Resurrection and Force nights, being part of RAD roster and hosting monthly show at famous Digitally Imported radio ( In 2008 he was chosen to be resident dj of Madwave events and also he did gain place from Finrg agency. During the years, Meke has been playing alongside such names as Proteus, Lee Haslam, Phil Reynolds, Gareth Emery, Choose, Simon Eve, Garbo and Carbon Based to mention a few. Going forward also production wise, Meke is now also set to unleash his producing talents in near future, so expect the best and choose no substitute, if you are up to hardcore vibes – Meke will deliver!