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Meighan Nealon

Armada Music, Hit! Records Ltd, Lyon Echo Records
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Half Jamaican half Irish singer/Rapper M3GA is not your conventional story. Having grown up in Toronto. Meighan Nealon aka M3GA has lived in Taipei since 2004. Having had a brief 1 year stint living in London UK while making a name for herself in the Trance Music scene. Meighan decided to return to Taipei and return to a passion she had for breakdancing. While growing up, Meighan sometimes felt a lack of confidence and was often bullied through much of her school life. In making her solo project she decided to create an alter ego “M3GA” to embrace something she felt was bigger than herself in order to portray the confidence she sometimes lacked. Citing many influences including her beginnings in EDM music, KPOP, HipHop, and R&B. M3GA decided to combine all she knew from Toronto, London, and Taipei as well as a multi genre core that reaches to unify. The sound and style of M3GA can be described as BIG just as the name M3GA implies.