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meHiLove aka Yuriy Mikhailov – sound producer, remixer, deejay.

Was born in Kiev (Ukraine) on October, 24, 1986 in family of musicians.

In 2000 graduated with honours a music school on the class of piano. Creative career began in 2010 and already in December of the same year his track “Shine On” was confessed by the best in style of “Progressive” on a competition “The Best Track In Ukraine 2010”.

Works of meHiLove are produced on such well-known labels, as Armada Music, Black Hole Recordings, Perfecto Records, Infrasonic Recordings, Vendace Records, Silk Music, Spring Tube and many other. A few from them got in TOP100 sales in the best shop of electronic music “Beatport”.

His tracks and remixes not one time sounded and continue to sound in such radio shows, as “A State Of Trance” of DJ №1 in the world – Armin Van Buuren, “Trance Around The World” of the most well-known trinity Above & Beyond, “Planet Perfecto” of guru Paul Oakenfold and many other.

As a deejay, meHiLove played the sets on one stage with such stars of world scale, as Richard Durand, Ronski Speed, Swanky Tunes, Tucandeo, DJ IRA and others.

Basic music directions are “Progressive House” and “Progressive Trance”, but meHiLove does not limit himself in a certain style of electronic music and continues to experiment, creating tracks in style of “Breaks”, “Deep House” and others.



meHiLove – Minutes Of Happiness EP [Dark Pleasure]

Feeltz Pres. Johan Vilborg – Summit (meHiLove Remix) [Dangerbox]

Tsykhra – Mouse Lab (meHiLove Remix) [Vendace]

Arc & Zarnoosh Feat. Zoe Sky Jordan – Paperdolls (meHiLove Remix) [Dangerbox]


meHiLove – Reality Bites (Incl. Incognet Remix) [Songbird]

Second Sine – Mafia (meHiLove Remix) [Vendace]

meHiLove – Emotions (Incl. Deep In Calm, Loquai, MSZ Remixes) [Mistique Music]

meHiLove – Oblivion (Incl. Luiz B, Aaron Static, El Gambrero Remixes) [Spring Tube]

Matt Bukovski – Delight (meHiLove Remix) [Harmonic Breeze]

Rainbow Addict – Solar Spin (meHiLove Remix) [Arrival]

meHiLove – Shine On [Perfecto]

Johnny Yono – Suspended Dimension (meHiLove Remix) [InfraProgressive]

Castra & Sovve – Deep Nights (meHiLove Remix) [Perceptive Deep]

meHiLove – Daylight EP [InfraProgressive]

Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic Feat. Eva Kade – Miracle (meHiLove Remix) [Vendace]


Senadee – Life Support Machine (meHiLove Remix) [Perfecto]

Yuriy Mikhailov – 4U (Incl. Espen, Shane Robinson Remixes) [Silk Textures]

meHiLove – Summer Vibes [Armada]

Denis Laurent Feat. Kaisa Martina – My Feelings For You (meHiLove Vocal Mix) [Silk Textures]


Armada Music [NL]

Arrival Recordings [RU/US]

Black Hole Recordings [NL]

Dangerbox Recordings [US]

Dark Pleasure Records [TR]

Harmonic Breeze Recordings [TR]

Infrasonic Recordings [UK]

Mistique Music [GE]

Perceptive Recordings [GB]

Perfecto Records [UK]

Spring Tube Records [RU/US]

Silk Music Publishing [RU/US]

Vendace Records [RU]


E-Mail: [email protected]