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Mehdi (Ir)

Karaj, Iran

House, Trance

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Trough The Years Human’s Love For Rhyme and Rhythm Has Brought Him To The State Of What Now Is Called Music . This Has Become Such a Serious Matter That Has Affected Almost Every Aspects Of Our Life . From The Very Simple Sound Of Chapel Bell For a Wedding To The Enormous Orchestral Symphony Composed For a Drama Or a Live Stage . The Art Of Music Is Including The Old And The Young , The Rich and The Poor . Eventhough Few Talents Are Known As The Symbol Of This Art .

Born On 20th December in Tehran . Mehdi started music career since 15 by mixing and “ DJ ” ing and found his talent on it . Then he got interested to music , arrangement and playing keyboard . Spending many days on mixing and arranging he tried to learn the tenet of this profession . He never had a master for arranging and composing and learnt it empirically .

When he found out he has become a pro in his career it was the time to introduce himself and his work to the world , he started this by the song “ My Immortal ” and the artistic name “ DJ Mehdi ” . This song was his first work in his artistic profile which in that time (2005) attracted positive attentions for its unique style (mixing the Psy Trance music with the traditional instrument Sitar) .

After that success , he tried to perform his own kind of music (a music with all the international standards) on the Persian vocals (and vice versa) to create a different style . Then by arranging three songs ( Abrhaye Paeezi, Zakhm e Zaboun, Sang e Sabour) for Mohsen Chavoushi (one of his favorite singers) introduced himself to the Iranian music market .

On 2009 he collaborated with NVD in a piece of work called “ Break Away ” and took it to the TV to show one of his works to them , but they rejected it and declared it unsuitable for broadcasting purpose! But this song was played many times on sports programs without Mehdi’s permission. Because of low quality he decided to master the song one more time and published it for his fans .

On 2010 in cooperation with NVD , Mehdi arranged an album called “ Supermassive Frequency ” for Parham Ebrahimi which led to more fame for him .

These successes caused so many problems for his works , some tried to misuse his name and published some low quality tracks by the name of DJ Mehdi and damaging his fame ! But very soon their plans turned up and Mehdi continued his career with his real name “ Mehdi Milani ” so that no one can misuse his works anymore .

Mehdi published a great work on 2010 in a fusion style (a mixture of oriental melody with the western vocal) done for Celine Dion . As he mentioned , it is one of his best works ever .

Now he is busy working on a new album for Parham Ebrahimi and some other albums , Iranian and western singles which will be released in near future ….