Megatron Beatport


As if owning a car club in Pasadena (Decepticon Motorsports) and being a skillful graphic designer wasn’t enough, this individual wanted to pursue a career in music, as well!

He’ known as “DJ Megatron” and he was originally from Colorado (most of his life), where he attended Westminster High School and participated in football and wrestling. He then moved to Pasadena, CA when he was 15, and claims that moving to Cali somewhat changed his life. He met new people and

became a “B-boy” and loved the Hip Hop B-boy style. Soon after, he got more involved in the rave scene and became accustomed to high energy music (house, etc.) and when Christmas came around, he decided to purchase some turntables so that he could pursue his fascination with the “club/DJ scene”.

DJ Megatron brings a new definition to the music generation of today… He combines his remarkable talent, unduplicated style, and originality into his music and performances. Considered an “over the top DJ” where he’ not limited to music genres, Megatron’ music style includes: hard house, house (various), and even hip-hop. He started doing a few parties and weddings, here and there and wanted to expand his music career with clubs and such. DJ Megatron has performed in cities like: Ensenada (Mexico), Los Angeles, Phoenix, just to name a few, and has had booking inquiries in Albuquerque,

Tucson, and Toronto.

He’ currently working on production, and some new tracks to-be-released on his new record label “HuggerMugger Inc.” with partner and one of today’ hottest female DJs & producer, “DJ Lysa D.” of (“shaymlesse productionz” (AZ), Newlite Muzik, Inc. (NY), Astralwerks, & VybeMuzik). These two have combined their unrestricted talents to form this HOT new label and are planning on releasing their first track, “If You Do…” (original by DJ Lysa D. with remixes by DJ Megatron), as well as, the “HuggerMugger Sampler” which >will include a lot of Megatron’ newest tracks and some other phat surprises, so be lookin’ out for that!!!

When asked what DJ Megatron’ goals were, he stated, “I just wanna get this label off the ground, enjoy the scene, and be able to play along side some of the ‘greats’ in this business…” You definitely wanna keep an eye out for this upcoming DJ/producer/remixer at a club or event near you!!!