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Meadow Inferno

Schoonebeek, Netherlands

Hardcore / Hard Techno, Techno

Cloud 9 Dance
Meadow Inferno Beatport


Meadow Inferno are 2 brothers, Arnold and Stephan Weide, born in Coevorden (the Netherlands). They are totally fixed on producing and spinning jumpstyle music. Back in the nineties, when hardcore became massive, the brothers decided to start producing this popular style of house music. After a little while their first record deal was a fact. Their tracks where released on compilation cds like: Gabberbox, Hellraider, Hardcore Forever, Hardcore Thrills and many more. After a long period of hardcore beats and fast bpms the boys decided to slow it down a little bit.In the year 2003 they came in contact with a totally new kind of music, called jumpstyle. They like this style very much and started to make jumpstyle tracks in the studio. In 2004 they signed a record deal with Marc Stevens from State 28 Records. Their first release was a co-production with D-Tune and the well-known Dj Yves from Belgium on Strictly Jump Records, a sub-label from State 28 Records. The record was officially released in the famous party place, Club X in Tilburg. After a few remixes and some sold out releases Meadow Inferno came in contact with the popular dj, Dj Norman. He invited them to come and spin a few records at the radio station Fresh FM in the number one harddance program of the Netherlands, Hardhouse Generations, presented by Dj Norman & The Dark Raver. On this moment are the 2 brothers extremely busy with bringing out of vinyls’ on different record labels, national and international. Also they work much together with many artists all over Europe like: Italy, France and Belgium. Meadow Inferno even had a number 1 hit in Holland INSIDE THE TRUTH. This track has been released on a lot of compilation cds and had a big dj support all over the world! In the near future you can expect a lot more of these guys! Watch out for Meadow Inferno!