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DJ/Mixing expertise with innovation, combining her powerful voice with a dazzling stage presence, Méa pioneers a new place for women in the dj world…

Her bold style and turntable mastery prompted DMA magazine to hail this petite performer “The Madonna of the New Millennium” on its July 2001 cover. In an always exciting show this dynamic diva combines live freestyle vocals over a versatile set ranging from progressive-tech house to intelligent breaks, as well as introducing new singles with catchy lyrics written by Méa herself.

Although she spent several dedicated years in Chicago launching her career, she now travels worldwide from a home base in Los Angeles. She grew up in a musical household: her father has always been Méa’s foremost source of inspiration. From her youth Méa was schooled in piano, violin, guitar, drums, dance, and, of course, voice; but she gives strong females like Madonna credit for motivating her to take on music as a career. One considerable obstacle was earning the right to be taken seriously as a female in the dj profession. She is proud to have long since overcome doubts and will never again be underestimated, due to the skills that surpass pretty packaging, and the hard work that won her the success she now enjoys.

An introduction to the SHR group, an umbrella for record companies in Chicago that included the Dialogue, Colossal, and Afterhours labels would first put Méa on wax. Her dedication soon aroused the interest of Spero Pagos and Ron Carroll, known as the production team Ministers of Sound, who would mentor Méa to fruition, produce her first singles, and build a solid foundation for her musical career. Her first globally distributed DJ mixed CD was released, entitled “Shaken, Not Stirred” on July 11, 2000 on the Afterhours label with an original track of her own along with her freestyle vocals layered over a house mix, creating a unique effect that would become her trademark.

As a rising star of the new millennium, she earned the honor of playing alongside world famous dj talent that included the incomparable Donald Glaude, DJ Dan, DJ Sneak as the sole female resident on the Bay-area based Funky Tekno Tribe tour. Her next CD, “Welcome to My House” was released through FTT in January of 2001, a vibrant live recording from the Metro in Chicago where she played the final show of that tour.

Having established her reputation on the West Coast, she fused with Los Angeles producer Nynex to create the dance floor hit “The Simplest of Things”, which showcases Méa’s vocal strengths while demonstrating a new maturity in her musical evolution and earning a greater following by the song’s ability to get radio play. With the new direction her career had taken, Mea felt it necessitated a move to LA, where she now has all new projects in the works including a full length artist album that she co-produced with Nynex. This highly anticipated new artist album that she is currently shopping, will no doubt be greatly appreciated by all. Here is where Mea’s talent truly lies… in her writing and singing. This album ties together both personal measures and experiences of Mea herself. Collaboration with Nynex has no doubt created a masterpiece. This 10 song addition of original music not only defines Mea as a cross-over artist but solidifies her talent as a true musician.

Between daily sessions in the studio making mixed CD’s or a producing a new single, Méa has been booked solid every weekend, playing alongside deejays like Paul Oakenfold, Ferry Corsten and The Stanton Warriors, allowing her to charm audiences worldwide and maintain friendships throughout the continent. Her love of music, appreciation of her fans, and dedication to her craft inspire her to maintain a vigorous travel schedule and give her audience the best of herself every time she plays, deejay’s or sings/performs live, sharing her boundless energy with those who come to dance.


CD Releases

ALIVE – 2005

DARK & DIRTY – 2005 – Promotional mix

HIN presents: DRIVING BEATS – 2004 – Moonshine

NO SHAME – 2004 – Promotional mix

RESPECT – 2002 – One World

LUNAR REBIRTH – 2001- Top Billing

WELCOME TO MY HOUSE – 2001 – Funky Techno Tribe

SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED – 2000 – Afterhours/SHR

AFTERHOURS (Vol. 2) – 2000 – SHR

FUNKY S%$T! – 1999 – Bootleg

12" Singles / Tracks

GO! – Mea – 2005 – Label TBA

ALIVE – Mea – 2004 – Moonshine *

  • debuted on the soundtrack for the film “PEACE, LOVE, & BEATS

    IN MY DREAMS – Richard ’Humpty" Vission – 2003 – Tommy Boy

THE SIMPLEST OF THINGS – Mea – 2002 – Offworld Music

TALK THROUGH ME – Mea – 2002 – Offworld Music

I REMEMBER – Josh Collins – 2001- Sunrise

PRAY – Sombionx – 2001- QStudios

TAKE YOU HIGHER – Poundsphat – 2001 – Urban Loops

EVERYTHING – Spero & Miguel Migs – 2001 – Afterhours

BORDERLINE – Spero – 2000 – Colosal/SHR

GIVE ME LOVE – Ron Carroll – 1999 – Soundmen On Wax

A BETTER DAY – Spero – 1998 – U.C. Music