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Mc Ridda

Los Angeles, United States


AKA: Ridda Mc

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Tyler Rosier aka MC Ridda has been a factor in the San Diego Drum and Bass scene for over a decade now, but it wasn’t until 2007 that he started to get the recognition and notice that he had been working so hard for. With his versatile style of Hip Hop, Reggae, Double Time and traditional singing he has earned himself a residency with DEEP, Timeless(LA) and reputation for being the most energetic hype man in San Diego.

In the last few years MC Ridda has had the honor of opening for or playing with some of the biggest names in the business, such as – A Sides, DJ DIE, Capital J, Marcus Visionary, Taxman, Twisted Individual, Klute, DJ SS, Marcus Intelex, Q-Project(Total Science), T-Power, Gridlok, Logostics, Loxy, Social Security, Atlantic Connection, Status(CHASE & STATUS), Diesel Boy, Dara, AK1200, LTJ Bukem, and Andy C

“To all the people that support what I do, Thank you. Its not about us its about the people, more importantly its about entertaining the people! Thanks to all the promoters, DJs and MC’s that gave me a chance to do what I love to do, especially my DEEP and Timeless crew.”