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Mc Lil Mack

Grand Rapids, United States

Dubstep, Electro House

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“Music is the heartbeat that unites all people as one, if only for one night we can all be at peace.” MC LiL Mack

As a young kid MC LiL Mack has always wanted to become a part of music. When he was a kid growing up he used to watch his Uncles play in their band and always try grabbing the microphone or trying to take over the dancefloor.

At a young age he demonstrated impeccable skills when it came to entertaining. He was always trying to entertain his family his friends and whoever wanted to pay attention. Some would have called it annoying be he didn’t care. He just loved music.

His father better known as “Mackaroni,” first introduced him to djing when he was very young. He used to tell him that the turntables are a tool that you need to learn how to use and not just a toy. (Yes this is how he got the nickname “LiL Mack”

As years went by MC LiL Mack got introduced to Hip Hop and live performances at a Chubb Rock concert. The people on the stage, the behind the scenes and the crowd attracted him to what it could be like to rock a stage.

At age ten he started break dancing, spending hours upon hours dancing and listening to music. This became his life for the next 5 years. They opened a teen night dance club and his crew ruled the dance floors for years. Being a humble person he continued to build relationships with his fans for break dancing and amassed a huge following.

At the age of 15 he was finally given the opportunity to do what he now enjoys doing the most….DJing. A teen nightclub opened in the Grand Rapids area called “The Underground.” He held down a residency there until he was 19 and the club closed. He was featured on their commercial that was shown on MTV.

He took his passion for Hip Hop one step farther and became a rapper. At the age of 19 he was signed to a well-known label Amiricle Records. After some controversy with the contracts he decided it was best to not be a rapper and pursued his true dream…. playing music for the masses.

At that same age he was introduced to House music and underground rave events that helped him to broaden his taste in music as well as make him expand as an artist.

Since then MC LiL Mack has played every venue in the Grand Rapids Area including the Van Andel Arena. He has opened for artists such as Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force, Juicy J, and Fat Joe just to name a few. He has also headlined events in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. He has held down residencies at various clubs all over the area. He has also been a frequent mixer for WSNX the local radio stations well received Club 104.5 Sunday night dance music show.

His passion for music shows by his undying drive to bring his fans quality entertainment. If the song doesn’t move him, he will not play it. He is a true fan of making people dance.

If you get a chance to see him live your eyes will be glued to the stage. MC LiL Mack does not stop moving with the rhythm to the music that he plays.

Before his set you may find him on the dance floor right alongside you. He is very humble and claims to be “Just a guy who really loves music!” Shake his hand introduce yourself because in the end he is there to make sure YOU have a good time.