Top 25k on The DJ List

Mc Lane

Paris, France

Electro House, Progressive House


Mc Lane discovers the dance in 1998 by listening to the emissions of Max on a certain FM radio. Curiosity quickly makes place with the passion which will push him to buy his first mixer and his first Cd turntables. After will come vinyls turntables. Thus he started to make his first weapons in the djing. In 2001, it is in the beginning and he works on a local radio with his own house emission. Follows himself from there evenings deprived on Paris and in province until 2004 when he works with new a web radio: Radio 9 for which he will make many sets and will also create 2 emissions weekly magazines “100% 9” and “B4 Club” having known a frank success.

Since January 2005, he mixed in some clubs of the capital (the Studio, Garden Club, Club 6…) like in some bars in province. September 2005, he integrates the team of Dj Residents of Paris-One (, for a semi-monthly emission: We Love House.

He also works on other projects (FARAH NIGHT, production).

2005 – 2006 should be rather charged in innovations.

Progressively with his experiments and meetings, he developed a musical style resolutely directed electro – tech house – progressive by having only one and single goal: make you dance.