MC Justice – Rocking the Nursery On the 4th of March, 1980, the world was introduced to Andre van Zuijlen. If the doctor had given him a microphone instead of a pacifier, ... read more
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MC Justice – Rocking the Nursery

On the 4th of March, 1980, the world was introduced to Andre van Zuijlen. If the doctor had given him a microphone instead of a pacifier, he’d probably rocked the nursery. Meet Andre, better know as MC Justice, one of the most versatile artists within the hardcore scene.

Next to being one of the top MC’s in the game, Justice has run several respected hardcore labels, and was responsible for well-known events like P.O.R.N., Industrial Power and Proud 2 Be Hardcore. He collaborated with artists like Tommyknocker, Art of Fighters, The DJ Producer and many more. But most of all, MC Justice is known for being ‘Mr. Thunderdome’. He has been the resident host of Thunderdome, and also of Thunderdome Radio, one of the biggest en most respected hardcore radio shows in the world.

His impressive career started in a way that suits one of the most rebellious characters within the harder styles. Being just 15 years of age, Andre visited a party at the former club Wall Street at Goes, the Netherlands. While dancing like a madman to the sounds of Darrien Kelly and Omar Santana, he baldly stepped up to the DJ’s and asked for the microphone. That evening MC Justice was born.

After blowing the minds of Darrien Kelly and Omar Santana, Andre knew he wanted to do something out of the ordinary with his life. And he also knew what. He got obsessed with hardcore, making weekly trips to the nearest record store. One of the employees of the legendary BPM Store (Zoetemeer), DJ Akira, noticed the young Andre one day. He asked him what he did besides buying loads of vinyl. After telling Akira he was MC, the DJ took him to his bookings to rock the stage with the mic.

After a while, MC Justice gained support from all the major DJ’s within the gabber scene, due to his performances at the legendary Club X.

He met Drokz, the godfather of hardcore and a living legend. Together with Akira, the tree began to spread the terror-virus in Holland. It became a success; after conquering the Netherlands, they appeared on stages in Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium and many more. The establishment of Pendeho Records and Spleen Kick put Justice on the map as the ambassador of terror. His UHM Records became a platform for artists like Tommyknocker, Art of Fighters, Stormtrooper, Triax and DJ D.

But even though he did a lot of work behind the scenes, Justice staid true to his ‘core-bussiness’: owning the stage as MC. On the long list of events he performed are Megarave, Earthquake, Proud 2 Be Hardcore. Within no-time he also took over the topnotch of parties: Masters of Hardcore, Nature One, Mystery Land, Dominator, Q-Base, Defqon.1, Raving Nightmare and last but certainly not the least: Thunderdome!

What is the ‘magic’ of MC Justice? Excellent timing, a raw voice, the ability to make every word he speaks be heard, be felt. But most of all: his talent to connect with the visitors. He always tries to give the people what they ask for, often before they know it themselves. MC Justice, although being on stage, can make the people feel as they were right next to him of that very stage.

Being a audiofreak, Andre spends a lot of time locked up in his studio. And what comes out of that studio has been notoriously good. Terror classics like ‘Kokane’, ‘Born 2 Raise Hell’, ‘Fighting’ and many more found their origin in Justice’s brain. But his most important asset still is, and will always be his voice. A voice as unique as a fingerprint. ‘Payback Time’, ‘Premonition’, ‘Nocturnal Rituals’, each a hardcore classic that wear the ‘Justice’-mark.

Another passion of Andre is radio. Together with MC Da Mouth of Madness and DJ Terminal, he can be heard every Wednesday night, from 8PM ‘till midnight on, and With several tens of thousands listeners every week, it’s one of the most renowned, infamous and biggest radio stations within the harder scene. Every week the biggest DJ’s, newest talents and just good old-fashioned non-sense.

Having the résumé like this, and still in the prime of his life, we can be certain MC Justice has a lot more in store for us. New tracks, jingles, radio commercials, discovering new talents, his work is not done yet. Brace yourselves!