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The definitive, and instantly recognisable, voice of live drum & bass needs no introduction.

Mc Conrad’s voice is synonymous with the goodlooking sound and vibe.

Thanks to his partnership with LTJ Bukem, MC Conrad has become one of the leading voices within the UK drum & bass movement.

Touring the world with LTJ Bukem; together they have cemented a polished and proven partnership. His freestyle rhymes bring a sense of humanity and excitement to every live goodlooking performance.

Conrad’s own studio productions have also added depth to the esteemed goodlooking back catalogue.


An open minded Conrad spent his formative years engrossed in the family record collection, absorbing a variety of music genres and vocal styles from gospel to rhythm and blues, jazz to rock and roll and doo whop.

It wasn’t long before he began to develop his own individual tastes, of which: 2Tone, reggae, imported hip hop and early electro provoked his involvement within urban music culture, and the first inkling of his desire to make music of his own.

Conrad’s first artistic tool came in the form of a microphone. Performing came naturally, and as a result it wasn’t long before he began to rap for a local hip hop band where he began to develop his own individual style at a rapid rate.

The early rave scene was the ideal nesting ground for Conrad and with fate on his side it wasn’t long before he managed to hook up with the now legendary LTJ Bukem, the duo instantly finding a common ground.

Their partnership has since proven to be the definitive DJ/MC partnership – spreading the gospel of the goodlooking sound across the globe for more than a decade.

Their shared attitude towards a DJ / MC performance, which involves disciplined interaction and full concentration in creativity, has seen the duo stand the test of time.


To quote Conrad himself;

“An MC is the masters of ceremony, so we think of the party as the ceremony. Therefore the MC’s job is to master that ceremony or in other words direct it from a vocal angle so that when that person speaks, people pay attention and understand the format of the set. The MCs put forward what will take place and dictate what the event is about, when you combine that with a DJ, then it’s more or less the MCs role to highlight parts of the music, the feelings and emotions. You can do that in various ways, with spoken words, poetry, song, and a whole range of vocal abilities in order to move the crowd and dictate the feelings and emotion through the music.”

Conrad’s raps bring together focused thoughts and feelings culled from all aspects of life, personally organised to complement the music and connect with the people who are listening.

“I don’t want to be political. I rap what I’m thinking at that time.

It’s personal to me but I like to express it in a way that you can relate to with your own thoughts."

Conrad vocals are unique to drum & bass. In response to the music he may apply differing rhythm structures such as sophisticated free-styling or playful bouncing raps; almost nursery rhymes; not in actual content but in the characteristic, which translate into his own trademark rap form.

Conrad’s style has also become more song structured; applying harmonics to fit the key of a given track. He has also introduced technology to enhance his live performances.

In keeping with the spirit of his performances as an MC, nothing remains static, and every performance promises to be different from the last.


Since the early nineties Conrad has regularly ventured into the studio. Collaborations with PHD, PFM, Blame and LTJ Bukem have provided him with extra dimensions to his production abilities.

Conrad also went on to co-found ‘The Words 2B Heard Collective’ which provided a platform for like-minded goodlooking vocal and musical outfits to freely express themselves, whatever musical style, under one banner.

In 2004 his collaboration with label colleague Makoto, along with support from just about every specialist radio show, and a whole host of premium DJs from around the world, labelled ‘Golden Girl’ with the status of a timeless, unparalleled drum & bass classic.

2006 saw another collaboration, this time with legendary drum & bass pioneers; Total Science, on the track ‘Soul Patrol’ which reached number 1 in the drum & bass charts.

2008 will see the release of the hugely anticipated ‘Drum Toolz’ 12” single by Conrad & DJ Furney.

2008 will also see the release of a new concept from goodlooking; following on from the famous ‘Progression Sessions’ live mix CD series, ‘Bukem in Session – Live @ Exit Fest 07 – Featuring MC Conrad, will be released on DVD and will document the live show in all it’s audio / visual glory.

Meanwhile Conrad will continue applying the finishing touches to his long awaited debut album on goodlooking; also set for release this year.