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Maya Simantov

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Dance singer/songwriter Maya Simantov also known as ‘Maya’ was born and raised in Israel (Bat-Yam), beginning her dreams of becoming a singer at the age of 2. Over the past few years Maya has proven to be a musical asset with magnificent talent as a singer, songwriter, lyricist and composer.

Having established a successful music career in Israel, Maya had life-long dreams of establishing her musical career with international recognition. Ever since Maya was a young aspiring artist she had been inspired by legendary artists such as Elvis Presley, Chaka Khan, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and others.

In 2002 destiny brought Maya together with a well-known and talented Israeli producer Yinon Yahel. The two met at a mutual friends studio (Yossi sidi) and began working together immediately. The recording of their first song took no time. Special chemistry led Maya and Yinon Yahel to begin their musical affairs, and within a short period of time proved to be vigorous. Shortly there after, Yinon Yahel introduced Maya to a world re-known recording artist, producer and DJ, Offer Nissim. The trio worked together very closely and in achieved major success as one of Israel’s most anticipated performers/recording artists. Maya’s Dance Album “First Time” received acknowledgment as one of Israel’s all time best Dance Albums. Maya’s series of hits astonished her fellow Israeli listeners and her fan base enlarged each and every day. Maya succeeded to excite her audiences with every performance and caught the attention many internationally known DJ’s, producers and executives including that of Grammy Award winning producer and owner of Star69 Records, Peter Rauhofer. Not long after Maya and Peter met, the “trio” DJ Offer Nissim, Yinon Yahel and Maya teamed up to be unbeatable and recorded a full album which was signed and released by Star69 Records.

In 2005 Maya recorded numerous top ratings on major charts across the nation including “Searching” entering the billboard top #25 and “First Time” hitting top #10 on billboard dance/club play. Maya’s sweet and soulful voice rewarded her with invitations to perform internationally including Asia, Europe, South America and the United States. Today Maya continues to strive towards her dreams of becoming a successful international recording artist. As a young girl growing up with inspirations that kept her strong, Maya hopes to inspire millions with the days to come.