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Maxx Destrukt has been musically inclined all her life, and began exploring her first love, rhythm, at the age of three with her first pot and pan drumset. After much exploration over the years [from singing in choirs and bands to badly playing the violin] she has found the most musical passion and freedom in mixing, reworking and producing electronic dance music, and DJing everything from psytrance to retro rock.

In 1991, Maxx began DJing house parties using only cassettes, dual tape players, and a lot of math. She never dreamed that, as much as she loved doing this, she was learning DJ skills that would be useful to her in the next century.

In 2016, Maxx DJs dark industrial at Rivethead Dark Industrial night at the Mercury in Seattle, and also co hosts and DJs Bootie mashup party at Neumo’s in Seattle, Wa, with occasional tours.