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MAxwell is no stranger to music, and has been influenced by it his whole life.

With a background in playing guitar, bass and drums, he quickly discovered the joys of producing his own music, and got into Hip-Hop in big way during what many call the genre’s golden years in Paris France, from 1993 to 2000.

His production style and ear quickly gained him notoriety and he became one of the hot young guys to watch, landing a deal and producing a track for a famous french MC.

When he decided to come and give Asia a chance, his musical obsession quickly caught up with him, and he started landing gigs in Shanghai and Beijings best clubs and events (Hotel G, song, Zeta, Bling, loong bar, riviera new year’s eve @ JW Marriott, domus, riviera pool party..) where his deep house and electro style appealed to many clubbers, locals and expats alike. He is now one of the best known faces amongst the capital’s DJs today, and his sound has gained him a loyal audience, turning any set into mayhem on the dancefloor.