“What a Performance!" Maxmanic is surely one of the nation's best-kept secrets. A natural born performer, he does more than just DJ - he can also burp out the chorus o... read more


“What a Performance!"

Maxmanic is surely one of the nation’s best-kept secrets. A natural born performer, he does more than just DJ – he can also burp out the chorus of Calon Lan in Welsh. (Oh how I wish I was joking!). Maxmanic is an entertainer who knows just how to enthuse and ignite his audience (I know, I know… there’s a gag about arson in there somewhere…but I’m not going to be the one to point it out!). Being party to a Maxmanic set is an assured sensory spectacle. That means you’re guaranteed to get to hear, see and feel (funny that!) the passion the drives him to deliver.

“Humble Beginnings”

With a background in performing arts, Maxmanic’s musical flair was established early. He started going to raves in ‘97, when events such as Dreamscape and Helter Skelter ruled supreme. Captivated by the scene (and also the white and gold tracksuit he thought was “da bomb”), a young Maxmanic purchased his first set of decks and began rehearsing a unique performance style, which he hoped some day to make public. Max’s initial break came after only ten months of mixing, in the form of West Wales’ first ever amateur DJ competition, held in Tenby: an event sponsored by Roland, and judged by the illustrious Escape duo, Danny Slade and Big Al. Out of a host of other finalists, Maxmanic triumphed winning the best runner-up slot. He celebrated by buying fish and chips for all the family and upgrading his white tracksuit to a fetching dinner jacket with cravat. Soon after, he secured a residency at West Wales’ leading underground rave, Access in Aberystwyth, and headlined a host of other nights including Illusion (now Devils’ Heaven), Dragon Dance and the free parties of Llynbriani. With his popularity as a DJ growing, the move to a larger stage seemed inevitable and, within only months of living in Cardiff, Max had secured plays in a horde of local nights including the hugely successful Bionic, Bat Country, Substance, Hektic, Aspire and Xceler8.

“Success Story”

In the year 2000, Maxmanic gained notoriety by winning Cardiff’s first-ever regional DJ competition (battling against a number of highly-regarded and experienced DJs, through four intense heats). He was later to hold a bi-monthly residency at Pulse in Merthyr Tydfil, and featured (as himself) on award-winning South Wales radio GTFM. Building on this success, Maxmanic went on to hold a year-long residency at one of Cardiff’s strongest and best-established house nights, R-O-A-R, as their Hard House honcho. This venture led him to play alongside some of the most well-known names in clubland, including Lisa Lashes and Lab 4 (on occasion, he also played by himself, but that’s not for here!). In 2003, Max was also to grace the decks at Sundissential, the UK Mecca of Hard House, being dubbed on this journey as “baby Eddie (Halliwell)”, on account of his stylized scratching wizardry.

Continuing to move out of the wings and into the spotlight, Max gained further industry experience by dedicating the best part of a year to promoting and DJing for his own-inspired bi-monthly night: Full Force @ Club Vision, Cardiff. With a capacity of 1500 and boasting a 50k sound system, Full Force reigned as the largest and loudest event of its kind on the Welsh club circuit. Within only a month of its birth, some of the most talented and respected names in the business, including Ian M, Rob Tissera, Ilogik, Rachel Auburn, Brainbashers and Phil Reynolds, had already taken to the Full Force arena.

To date, the curtains are far from closed for our plucky young Welsh boy. In August 2004, after winning a succession of fierce knock-out rounds, Maxmanic was named National DJ of the Year at the esteemed WestonWheels event in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset. He’s still got a few more tricks up his sleeve (and maybe a white rabbit…no white tracksuits though thankfully) and plans to take the world by storm in developing a musical tin bath with oars, especially equipped for space travel. (OK, I think he was having me on there…but it’s nice to know you’re still reading)!

“Reading the Future”

Maxmanic stands centre-stage in combining innovative, flawless mixing with a unique technical playfulness and powerful party presence (he also has dodgy hair!). Max’s exceptional ability to read an audience (he can also read books), means his acts are always right on cue; anyone who is lucky enough to catch him burping in Welsh will certainly be thinking the very same thing.