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Maximus J

Quebec, Canada

Hard Dance, Hardcore / Hard Techno

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Former lead guitarist from several metal bands… Maximus led its way through electronic music by buying his first set of turntables a year and a half ago…. in the beginning of 2003. Always been amazed by the liberator’s and Dave the drummer’s stunning 303 rhythms, he began his career by mixing acid techno; but focus today on hard techno with pounding bass lines, Some Tech-house beats to make the place a little more groovy… and, yes, sometimes even some Trancecore for the “harder” side of the market ;)

Performing around Quebec City, Maximus loves to trip to wherever people wants to hear him. Unlike some djs, he first only wanted to learn how to mix for himself… by making his own mixed cds with tracks he like and never really wanted to go back under the spotlights; being tired of stressful crowds.

But one year later, he got his as kicked and had to go on stage, only one year after making his first beat match. There he found exactly what he was searching for in his band years… to be the one and only maestro of the moment… with all ears wide open waiting for his sound to come through.

Since then, his presence on Quebec City’s scene cannot be avoided. He’s on the line up of some of Quebec’s city’s parties and it’s just the beginning…