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Evangelos Kalogiannis, or Maximillian, is a Greek DJ and Producer of electronic dance music. His musical path was drawn at the very early age of 5, when he started to play the piano. Influenced by his father’s job (Owner of one of Crete’s biggest clubs) he grow up in an environment that helped him grow strong feelings for dance electronic music. This is why he started DJing at the age of 10: "I remember my self watching all this high-recognizable DJs playing at my father’s club and it inspired me so much, that it got me involved with the world of electronic music. "

Later on, at the age of 14, he started playing in clubs in Hersonissos, Crete, Where he was a resident DJ at Aria Club. He went on to play in some of the biggest venues and parties on the island. He also played with prominent figures, such as Mark Van Dale, e-Graig, Jurgen, Randy Katana and many more, firstly in Crete and then on the island of Mykonos.

(After five years of experience the decks he got the club vibe coultoure).

In 2006, he makes his first mash ups and at the same time performs in various clubs around Athens. In 2008 he creates a party series called ’’Partouze’’ with were hugely successful. He and his DJ Partner, Konstadino P, have played in some of the most popular places in Athens, such as G bar, 3pigs, cabaret prive and the Dybbuk club prive in Kolonaki.

The following year, he collaborates with Greek Radio Producer Leonidas Lessakis, and starts a weekly radio show on "My Radio 89.6 FM.” He continues as a guest DJ, and he plays in many Athenian clubs and bars, such as Mamacas, Drazel and Kapelo, as well as DJing in other cities, like Egion, Patras and Salamina.

Last year he focused in his productions and his radio shows on “,” where he still hosts a weekly show. 2013 will be a proactive year for him, with many collaborations and new releases coming up.