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Max Julien is one of those rare artists who has made music his life and blood, in nearly all facets of the industry, for most of his life. An innovator with multiple talents and a veteran of over 2,700 events, underground music has been the main passion that has driven this highly-talented DJ/producer since bursting onto the scene when he was hired for his first professional club DJing gig in Montral, way back in 1984.

Spinning a unique blend of deep, dark, and deLicious tribal-based house vibes, with occasional forays into the groovier and sexier side of house ’ influenced by over two decades of music and research ’ DJing is but a fraction of his talent. Max has also gained a worldwide reputation with his penmanship, writing insightful articles, reviews, and interviews, under his DeepJ Max moniker, on the planet’s underground music industry, including his critically-acclaimed monthly column, DeepSound.

All this has lead to the founding, with his wife and co-manager, Nathalie Hamel, of DeepSound Music, dedicated to managing the careers of DJs and producers, as well as the managerial organization of events and clubs. DeepSound Music also includes his very own record label, DeepSound Records, launched in December 2007.

Max Julien’s decision to come out of retirement in 2003 was solidified on April 8, 2006 when he was hand-picked as Victor Calderone’s opener at one of the top underground clubs on the planet, Montral’s Stereo. Not only did Max excel even beyond his own expectations, the veteran then described his experience as the highlight of his long career. Stereo personnel were so impressed they not only booked him to play the famous ‘Sound Of Montreal’ event less than two months later, but numerous events ever since.

Those performances also caught the ear of Godskitchen Canada, quickly signing Max to play the inaugural Sun Dance Music Festival in the summer of 2006, sharing the limelight with the likes of Danny Tenaglia, Steve Lawler, Christopher Lawrence, and again, Victor Calderone. Max was also signed to play two events for the 2007 edition of the world-famous Black & Blue festival, including, as a last-minute substitute, the classic Military Ball, with Manny Lehman and Charles Poulin.

Max topped off 2007 with his very first releases, ‘Valentine Dream’, on Slanted Black records, and ’It’s True’, on DNT Music Factory. His busy schedule has also allowed him to remix tracks for such artists as Sami Dee, Cristian Paduraru, Craig Mitchell, Gabriel Black, Debbie Tebbs, and candy Taffy.

The ageless veteran had spun his magic in the 1980s and early 1990s, notably at Montral’s memorable Mars, Alcatraz, Thunderdome, Lime Light, Sphinx, and September’s, concentrating on both alternative and dance music, before retiring ’ for almost 12 years.

Max’s first love is electronic music, so despite barely touching a record since 1991, the spinmeister was quickly hired in 2003 for two Montral residencies after word had spread that he was thinking of making another serious go at it. Since then, Max has quickly risen up the musical ladder, holding residencies or playing such important clubs and parties, such as Stereo, Stereobar, Gravity Afterhours, Sky, Beach Club, Firemen’s Ball, Le Balcon, and of course the Sun Dance and Black & Blue festivals. Max has also played in the United States, such as Boston’s Rise, and has held residencies at 135 Pearl and Green Room in Burlington, Vermont.

His progressive-trance/trance alter-ego, Zouvi, has also achieved a measure of success, spinning at official after-parties for the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Rank 1, and Markus Schulz, proving Max’s versatility as well as his love of all facets of electronic music.

Max can also be heard live on the Internet, with Zouvi International (Mondays) and DeepTuesdays (Tuesdays) on, as well as DeepSound Radio (Fridays) on Furthermore, Max has also worked on six episodes of bpm:tv presents’, not only as host, but as co-producer and consultant, for bpm:tv, Canada’s only television channel dedicated to dance music. A DJ Spotlight show on that same station, featuring veteran DJs Junior Vasquez, DJ Paulo, and Max Julien, first aired in September 2007.

Finally, Max is also renowned as one of the Premier writers on Canada’s underground music scene since 2003 (under his old DeepJ Max moniker). He has interviewed countless DJs, for both print and television, including Steve Lawler, Misstress Barbara, Peter Rauhofer, Tom Stephan, Tisto, Gabriel & Dresden, Antoine Clamaran, David Guetta, and Armin van Buuren. His rsum of DJ reviews is just as impressive.

So, whether it be spinning at one of the best clubs or parties in Montral, the rest of Canada, the United States, or elsewhere, producing music, or covering the underground scene for television or print, Max Julien is back with a renewed passion and a new vengeance.