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(Cabbie Hat Recordings, Greenhouse, Jack Locker, Answegg, Tastie Music, Kinjo, Footwear)

Considered by many as “One of Montreal’s best kept secret” French Canadian DJ Max Hebert started his musical journey as a young vinyl junkie at the age of 14, constantly squatting record shops from Montreal to New-York city for rare vinyl collectibles and diversified stlyles of music such as House, Disco, Techno, Funk, Hip-Hop and Break Beats.

His passion for House Music, intimately connected him with the vitality of Montreal’s underground scene since the early nineties, all by contributing thru out the years to the success of legendary local venues, such as Playground, Sona and of course, world famous Stereo after-hours where he got his first ever professional gig at a Defmix party, handed to him personaly by non-else than Grammy Award winner, Mr. David Morales. From there, building his own following, he co-presented the monthly Move events, featuring guest DJs such as Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, DJ Heather, Miss Honey Dijon and many more pioneers of the Chicago Underground scene. His distinct way of fast paste mixing and capability of blending-in the West Coast Deep House sound into Chicago’s Funk and Jazzy infuences, often spiced-up with a rolling and jacking Tech-House edge, makes this turntablist a definite sure shot when it comes down to dance floor destruction.

Attracting world wide attention since 2008 by hitting the American and European charts with the releases of the “Jazz 4 Dope” and “Swing Daddy” EPs, featuring original tracks such as the much acclaimed “Just Friends” and “Jitterbug”, Max Hebert and studio partner Cenzo keep piling-up the musical projects ever since, while getting support from major players such as Mark Farina, who has lately cropped two of their latest releases “Records Drop” and “Breeze” in order to be added on the Great Lakes Audio March 2010 Podcast track listing, witch features the latest and most exclusive tracks by the world’s most talented producers on a monthly basis.


2008 – Max Hebert & Cenzo – Just Friends – Kinjo

2008 – Max Hebert & Cenzo – Jazz 4 Dope – Kinjo

2008 – Max Hebert & Cenzo – Jitterbug – Footwear

2010 – Byron Foxx – Backing on up (Max Hebert & Cenzo Remix) – Kinjo

2010 – Max Hebert & Cenzo – Records Drop – Footwear (Charted #1 by DJ DIZ + feat. on Mark Farina’s Live at Mighty Mix)

2010 – Max Hebert & Cenzo – Breeze – Greenhouse (Feat. on Mark Farina’s Live at Mighty Mix)

2011 – Max Hebert & Cenzo – Thats Right – Tastie (Supported by Mark Farina & Derrick Carter)

2012 – Max Hebert – Get Down – Jack Locker

2013 – HouseHolics – Pockets Dreams) (Max Hebert Remix) – Cabbie Hat

2013 – Chanson E – Washington Square (Max Hebert Remix) – Greenhouse

2013 – Max Hebert – Gotta Respect – Ocean’s Eleven WMC 2013 Sampler


2000 @ 2006 : Monthly Residency at Systeme After-Hours (Quebec City)

2002 @ 2009 : Monthly Residency at Stereo After-Hours (Montreal)

2002 @ 2009 : Monthly Residency at Stereo Bar (Montreal)

2008 @ 2010 : Monthly Residency at Sonar (Quebec City)

2008 @ 2012 : Daily Residency at Alt Hotel Lounge (Montreal)