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Max Gardner

Oakland, United States


Dark and Sonorous Recordings, Excise
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Max first got involved with the local DJ scene in Tucson, Arizona. He’s well recognized for his very strong, deep, heavy hitting techno sets and the ability to wander with depth into minimal, deep tech-house, and almost any genre of music. After performing at events with various world famous electro and house headliners, Max felt he needed to move somewhere with more variety of musical influence. It was at this point when he relocated back to his natural habitat, the San Francisco bay area.

Since then Max has been jamming in the studio, defining and closing in on his own sound. His need for interaction with a musical environment that thrives off experimental minimal, techno, and house partially sparked the Direct To Earth (DTE) event series based out of Oakland. Quickly making himself at home, Max has recently played shows featuring artists such as Dustin Zahn, Raiz, Max Cooper, Daegon, Tiari, Marco Bailey, The Missing Link, and Octave along with many of the local techno and house acts.