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Max Demand, real name Zsolt Baksa was born in March of 1984, in Tata, Hungary. As a 12 year old child, he was interested in composition and music compilation. At first his favourite styles was rave and hardcore, later the house genre. He was 16 years old, when he was firstly behind the turntable, and 2 months later he was playing independently.

His career as a producer began in 2000, and the first achievements came in 2005. His first record was the ‘Welcome to the Summer’, a very easy clubmusic, which was published by Total Wipes Productions. His second release was the ‘Sabine EP’ in autumn of 2005. It contains 2 tracks: ‘Sabine’ and ‘Sweeping Car’. The second one has pure summer feeling.

In 2006 he comes out with progressive and techno tracks in collaboration with Iosiss, Adam T and Adam Cro. His Sabine Rework in 2006, wherein Iossis plays guitar, figures on many charts and playlists along with Trentemoller, Simon&Shaker, D-Formatio and Chris Micali.

His greatest works in 2006 were ‘Electro vazz’, ‘Unforgetable Times’, Muzzaik, Szeifert and Sultan remixes. These tracks weren’t released to this day.

The first release in 2007 was ‘Max Demand – Brcsak’. It was produced by Proton Radio, which is one of the greatest internet radio station that plays all forms of electronic music. Jay Epoch’s (alias Jason Wohlstadter) Practicles 3 mixsequence contains Brcsak, which was in the front of progressive toplists, and performed the best sale of Jay Epoch?s Practicles 3.

In July in this year got out on Beatport Facundo Mohrr’s single Once upon a time, which contains Max Demand remix /Feralcode/. This remix achieved the very appreciative 34. place at Beatport Progressive list. Good many people named it as the release of the year.

In October in 2007 came the Practicles 2. remix album with Guy J – Boxing Day (Max Demand Remix) and Brcsak Joel Armstrong remix. These tracks achieved a great success, too.

In November got out Max Demand?s new Ep, called Second Identity: Brcsak, Origiminal and Nightshift. Eelke Klejn’s opinion about Nightshift: I heard it many times and always remind me James Holden! This release had a superb sale, it got the first four place at Proton sale list.

3rd December: New remix at Snake Sedrick’s Tilth Music: Lank Being Defenceless (Max Demand remix), and in next year February Eelke Klejn’s Outside the box: Max Demand – Command Prompt single.

January in 2008: Jay Epoch selected the Origiminal and the Nightshift to the new Practicles series. The release is going out probably in the middle of January in 2008.