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Max Beckmann

Cologne, Germany

Funk / R&B, House

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As a proud native of Cologne Max Beckmann had to face the boredom of being raised in a small Eifel village. His schooldays will always be remembered as the days on which he ditched his homework to wander the world wide web trying to find some special & rare tracks – and although he does not believe in anything else than perfection and self improvement he has to thank God for the internet offering him access to the underground electronic music scene. And if it wasn’t for his parents he might have never developed a love for funk and disco music.

But his influence differs and so you might find some good old school Hip-Hop by Gang Starr or Eins Zwo and Jazz by Grover Washington Jr. or Al Jarreau in his record collection.

Getting lost in all different kinds of house and techno music from artists such as St. Germain and Juan Atkins resulted in being eager to learn how to deejay and produce music himself. So what did he do? He got the right hard- and software and just started to do his own thing.

Max won’t restrict himself down to only two sub-genres of house music because there is way more to explore.

His music won’t lack groove, intensity or deepness and moreover he will make sure it’s danceable, funky and extraordinarily special.

Nobody knows where this journey will end but hopefully it will be long, so this bio will be an adventure to read.