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Mauro Nakimi , Jesus Gomez real name, is a composer , musician and Spanish DJ born in 1976. He started to work on electronic music in 1991 , at the age of 14, influenced by his brother who exercised in the 80s DJ in several clubs of the city.

After some years playing for numerous clubs and events throughout Andalusia and Spain , in 1994 Mauro Nakimi awakens the desire to make himself his own music, being at the moment when he made his firsts contact with Electronic music production tools,such as Trackers sequencers and hardware that subsequently accrue in his first productions in the mid 90s .

Among many others , with the AKA JPsycobeat , “Dark Side Of Me” ( 2003 Electronica Records ) and “ Scary Theme" ( 2003 breakbeat Boom Records ), Breaks/Electro style .

In late 2003, singned with a UK Management and move to England, to further enrich his understanding and designing electronic music, being on English soil where his hobby begins to sound Techno . His tour of Britain will act quickly leads to numerous renowned clubs of the capital and UK south .

On his return to Spain , there was a turning point , which would mark the evolution of the peculiar Nakimi sound. Mauro succeeded in developing a sound that really filled , getting to be both a very personal style that he felt very identified , and I had finally found the formula of combining Techno and Electro sounds that years ago wanted, sing of identity for his music on a near future.

In the second decade of the century, Mauro Nakimi dominates with great skill production techniques , many of them available to only a privileged few , thanks to this gift to produce electronic music market has nearly 300 works for internationally renowned labels , including his “Time Eruption” published in 2014 (NB Records), and “Black Cube” ( Bonzai Records ), published in the same year.

In September 2014 launches its first LP album, under the name of Simmetry , published on his own label Bassement Bass Records. Classic and pure Electro sounds , and which obtained the recognition of the general public and international press . Throughout ,2015 Multimorphic will see the light, their second album , an album that promises to be a real bomb that will explode on the techno minds, and with the particularity that will be fully recorded on Live format.

Talk about Mauro as a composer is doing a full-time artist to develop a highly personal sound and character, with a clear attraction to the Dark sounds, accompanied by really rich atmospheres details that help build a unique sound architecture.

Mauro Nakimi relations with the synthesis and hardware machines is really extraordinary, defender of the entire construction, use and knowledge of physical instruments, not only in the harmonic field, along with job creation developed entirely in real time without the use of software.

All study his works are conceived in order to direct, which develops live acts with a spectacular performance by moving his studio to the stage practically.

His work behind the decks – see as a DJ too – always has been developed parallel to the composer. Under this aspect it is characterized by exquisite technique and knowledge difficult to find in the global electronic music scene today, with 12 inches as a reference.