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Matthias Delay

Munich, Germany

House, Progressive House

Matthias Delay Beatport


A DJ with international experience for Clubs, Festivals, Open Air Parties, and Afterhours. Matthias Delay has been a DJ for almost 10 years, when you count the time when he was paid the first time for doing what he loved to do …..

In 1996 he became Resident DJ in the first regular Psychedelic Trance Club in Germany. Until 2000 he was playing at least 2 parties a week and his reputation grew with the number of national and international bookings, that brought him to the most European countries, but also to farer destinations like Brazil and South Africa.

In 2000 he gave up the cub residency and played as freelancer for the Purple Porno Groove Convention in Switzerland and lend his experience to underground electronic music distribution Cosmophilia. In 2001 he played in front of 8000 people in the famous open air festival VooV Experience. He doesn’t want to be limited to one single style, since he picks his records from different shelfs ….. he plays pretty different sets depending when and where he plays.

In 2002 he started PlayOutRightNow Recordings (p.o.r.n. recordings) for the purpose of releasing nice music for nice people, the style is somewhere between techno, house and trance in the best meaning and target on DJs and vinyl lovers. End of 2003 he launched c.o.r.n. recordings a side label for downbeat music.