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Matthew Harris

Chandler, United States


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Matthew Harris has always had a love for all types of music Punk, Raggae, Metal, Ska, Hip Hop, the list goes on. But, in 1994 he was taken to his first EDM experience, and instantly fell in love. Over the course of the next four years he would attend every party or club he could, to gain knowledge on the ever-growing popularity of the scene.

In 1998 Matthew Harris wanted to take it to the next level, so he picked up a pair of belt drive turntables and an old mixer from a local pawn shop and started to teach him self how to mix records. Quickly learning he started becoming a part of many crews and developments along the way.

This self taught DJ/Promoter/Producer/Rave and Club Goer has rocked the decks, spinning multi genre sets, which mostly included the sounds of Fidget/Electro House, Uk/Speed Garage, Trance, and Techno with quite a few other styles thrown in the mix as well. His mixing style is a breed of his own kind, with long smooth transitions and nice clean cuts, all while selecting the correct tracks to get the crowd pumping. Matthew Harris has established a name for him self in the Phoenix Arizona music scene, and being quoted from numerous sources as the “Number one underground dance DJ in Arizona,” as well as “One of the most hard working and dedicated DJ’s in the scene.”

In the last few years Matthew has also developed a crew called Bassline Rebels which is currently taking the AZ scene by storm.The Bassline Rebels are a well rounded assortment of 4 on the floor dj’s consisting of himself, 2 Phat Pat, Sean Android, and Blakeland. Who all rock the decks individually but get even crazier when rocking 4 Cdj’s, 2 Turntables, 2 mixers and a laptop during the Bassline Rebel Royal Rumble sets.

Also on his plate now are his productions. Currently working for Dj Denise’s record label Mizumo Music, Matthew landed his first remix for the label end of last year, and now is working on several other remixes and originals for the label to be released later this year. Matthew’s productions carry the same heavy hitting bass lines and pounding kick drums that his Dj sets have became known for. He is definately a producer to look out for in the coming years.

Needless to say Matthew Harris has his hands full but, is a force to be reckoned with whether he is putting together a new project with his crew, promoting, producing, djing a rave, a club, an after hours spot, a house party, or anything else he is doing in the scene. You will always know when Matthew Harris has his hand in making it happen!

Original Productions:



Tey Astro-IQ JAKK (Matthew Harris and Sean Android Remix) AVAILABLE ON BEATPORT NOW

Nasty Funker-The Fidget Freak (Matthew Harris Feat. Hazardous Remix) AVAILABLE ON BEATPORT 4.11.2011


You Spin Me (Matthew Harris Bootleg Rmx)

NPOTDF (Matthew Harris Bootleg Rmx)

Night Shades (Hazardous and Matthew Harris Bootleg Rmx)


Flo Rida Got Jumped-MH SA Mashup

Even Moar Ghosts And Rick Rolls-MH Mashup

Juke It Like A Perc-MH Mashup