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As far as DJ/producers go Matthew Dekay has always been a name synonymous with quality productions and high energy live performances.

From a very young age Matthew studied piano and this highly developed skill has become an integral part of his productions.

Over the years and following an albeit brief, yet very successful period in Dutch pop during the late nineties, Matthew moved into more underground musical circles and it was with releases such as the “Dekay meets Beastie Boys bootleg of “Intergalactic" in 2003, "Higher Thoughts” in 2004 and “Bad” in 2005 that he really cemented his place in the dance music scene.

Matthew was able to develop his sound while playing extended sets as resident of esteemed club “Stalker” in his hometown of Haarlem, Holland.

From his close relationship with Dutch mega promoters Extrema, he released mix compilation “Time to Think” which became the official soundtrack to the Outdoor festival in 2003. He then went on to make the highly sought after and respected Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 in 2004 and released his critically acclaimed Trousy compilation in 2005.

After moving to NYC in 2008 to work with some of the most talented singers and songwriters in the business, Matthew was commissioned by Beck’s Beer to remix Ladyhawkes Magic for their Music Inspired Art project. Upon completion, Matthew made the decision to expand his studio to Berlin and get back to his underground roots. Working with UK legend Lee Burridge has been a major inspiration musically and groove driven electronica is the new direction for Matthew’s upcoming productions.

Always at the forefront of technology, 2009 has seen Matthew take to the world’s stages with a brand new DJ setup and live show he has been developing for over a year and has made his performances more interactive and exciting than ever before.

Matthew also has a new studio partner Canadian rising star Jimmy Vallance and together they are embarking on a new commercial side project with a Bryan Adams collaboration pinned as their first release.

So stay tuned…. As this decade of success draws to a close, the future’s looking very bright for Matthew Dekay!