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Ibiza, Spain

House, Progressive House

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Born in Treviso (a small city near Venice), he started to play in discos when he was really young at the beginnings of nineties. He spent many years getting experience in different kinds of clubs. At the age of 13 he played for his first time in a disco in the area called Glamour, which had been his centre of training. Acid house was his first great love and what without doubt has marked his musical spirit! Thanks to the acquaintances made by these experiences he started having contacts with the world of afterhours.

His first experience took place in a small club of Treviso (Calé Love Sex) which hosted big Italian names such as Noferini, Azzetto, Angelino, Bellini, Dionigi, Marco Trani and many others. Adding further experiences during the years in several different places gave him the knowledge of many professional secrets in order to create the right feeling with the dancing crowd and increased his musical baggage.

His first big achievement arrives in 95 when he lands at the Walky Cup in Riccione. He had the possibility to be part of the nightlife in the most important Italian club life spot. At the end of Summer of 95 he began to collaborate with Match Music Television an Italian tv program about clubs and nightlife.

He continued working for loads of well known Italian clubs like Area City and New York Jazz of which in 2000 he became resident dj every Saturday night. Finally in 2004 Matte dj became the first one and only resident in New York Jazz and continues to propose the best of his music alternated every Saturday with dj like Stewe Lawler, Riki Montanari, Massimino, Paolo Martini, Steve Mantovani, Sandy Rivera and many others.

Lately in these years he started to produce alone his own music and now forms part of the group “Kisses from Venice” which gives its name to his world tour party.