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Clouded Vision Recordings, Bugged Out!


Matt Walsh’s interest in DJing and production was fostered in the late 1990′s, while he was at university and progressive house was at its peak. Fast-forward a couple of years, a new decade heralded the birth of Electroclash and with it DJ Hell’s Gigolo Records, City Rockers and Playhouse. As Matt began to develop his trademark sound of modern disco-infused electronic house and techno, an offer of a residency at East Londons seminal T-Bar club set off a chain of events that would lead to Turbo Recordings don Tiga spotting him there in 2007. He then became a long term resident of Bugged Out!

Clouded Vision is not only his production alias, but also the clear minded platform to showcase the musical talent that has caught Matt Walsh’s sights. Clouded Vision Recordings was set up in 2009 and has since received critical acclaim by pioneering new talent from across the world, with releases from Dimitri Veimar, Remote, Remain, Dark Strands, Sebastien Tex, Eskimo Twins Markus Gibb, Morgan Hammer and Matt himself. Matt Walsh Presents: The Clouded Vision Experiment was voted by Mixmag as one of the top compilations of the year in 2012, with volume 2 set to hit the shelves in the summer of 2014.

Under his own name, Matt’s original material has been described as techno with a propulsive and percussive energy, never afraid to take risks. “I try to move beyond the safer techno & house sounds and hopefully create something a bit different. It’s important to me to stay true to what I grew up with and I think that comes through in my productions, the EBM and new wave sound.”

Matt has released material on Turbo Recordings and Kill The DJ, as well as his own label, and has recently remixed Daniel Avery, forthcoming on Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Sound. Expect a slew of remixes in early 2014, followed by original material and a second Clouded Vision Experiment album in early summer. The limited edition mixed compilation CD and download will contain all unreleased and exclusive tracks from new and exciting artists from the label.


Daniel Avery – Free Floating (Matt Walsh Remix) – Phantasy Sound (March 2014)

Zombies in Miami – Cowboys & Indians (Matt Walsh Remix) – La Dame Noir (April 2014)

Bleeping Sauce – Sounds & Stories (Matt Walsh Remix) –MEANT (May 2014)

Clouded Vision 020- Matt Walsh presents: The Clouded Vision Experiment, Level 2 (June 2014)

Remote – Alcyone (Matt Walsh Remix) – Clouded Vision Recordings

Few Nolder – Noughts (Matt Walsh Remix) – Best Kept Secret

Vosper Bozzwell – Music For The Lost And Dead (Matt Walsh Remix) – Throne of Blood

Club Bizarre – La Mort Du Petit Cheval (Matt Walsh Remix) – Days Of Being Wild

Coldgeist – Sat On The Devils Left (Matt Walsh Remix) (Correspondant)

Matt Walsh Presents The Clouded Vision Experiment – Clouded Vision Recordings

Morgan Hammer – Libillule (Matt Walsh Remix) – Clouded Vision Recordings/Fabric

Paul Müller – Williamsburg (Matt Walsh Remix) – Romancity

Remain – Concrete (Matt Walsh Remix) – Family Name

Hannah Holland – Candy Darling (Clouded Vision aka Matt Walsh & Steve Cook Remix) – Batty Bass

Darabi – Truckin’ (Clouded Vision aka Matt Walsh & Steve Cook remix)