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Matt Van Dura

Bonn, Germany

Electro House, House

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Born in 1979 young Mathias Bonn started mixing in the middle of 1993 at the age of 14.

In 1993 he had the possibilty to watch some DJs working in their DJ-Booths somewhere near Cologne. The contact to this DJs offered the possibilty to start mixing to him. His first styles, where Eurodance and Pop.

One of those DJs also edited tunes and produced own tracks on those simple DOS-trackers, like FastTrakker and Screamtrakker. Mathias, who was called VyloX by his friends, also started to produce his own remixes and tracks. His style was something between acidhouse and the sound of Frankfurt, which later was called Acid-Trance.

He started mixing on 2 Technics SL 1200 MKII and a Dynachord M1. Later he tried to get bookings by his classmates, by playing 80s using CDs. He became popular at his school and other schools in his metropolitan area. His remixes where played at Release-Parties and in several mixtapes.

In spring 1997 he was booked all over germany, when something happened that nearly stopped his carreer. His hole record-collection was stolen after a party. His mixer an one of the Turntables where damaged by the thiefs. He had no money to get back to his high status, with professional equipment and a large record-collection of 6 full cases.

But he kept mixing with his CD-Player and a cheap mixer. But his style went to 70s and 80s from Trance, Techno and Acid before the theft. While civilian service in 1999 he came back to Trance and Acid.

In 2000 he got an engagement in the famous discothek TARM-Center in Frechen, near Cologne.

2005 he founded his own agency with an own equipment-park and several DJs. In the year 2006 he was booked the first time by another agency, which supplied the DJs for boat-parties on the river Rhine. His customers where impressed enough to book him every week and within the week he was employed as technician for that agency.

When he got offers by some clubs in Bonn and Cologne in the year 2008 he reduced his bookings by the boat-party-agency. In fact there were differencies, which were founded in pecuniary difficulties of the agency.

2008 he mixed for these clubs: X-Trem (Bonn), B9 (Bonn), Novaclub (Bonn), Nightfever (Cologne), Sky2 (Bonn). 2009 these clubs were added to his references: Sharon (Bonn), Ladies First (Bonn), Shaker’s (Bonn). 2010 he was engaged by Sausalitos and changed his name officially to Matt van Dura. In summer 2011 he became resident at the famous Lustwandel (Düsseldorf), and was booked by Clubs like 8Bar (Siegburg), Limoon (Rheinbach) and Jazzgalerie (Bonn) and international operating agencies like Dancefield.

Since 2012 he is frequently booked at Hausbar Bonn, and got gigs for the Radio-Station bigFM. He founded Bonn Media Company with his wife Lucy van Dura in that year.

2013 he is still resident at Lustwandel and frequently booked at Hausbar Bonn.

In February he effectually released his debut single “Ozymandias”, followed by “Gilgamesh” in March and the “Ozymandias Remixes” in April. Gilgamesh is already featured at the Heineken Ibiza Final Compilation 2013.

After the great success of “Ozymandias” and “Gilgamesh” he founded Looped Society Records.