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Matt Nash born and Matt Nash bred, nothing will break the promising ear for melody from the UK’s diamond in the rough. Fueling the electronic music prism with lessons on being the studio powerhouse, he follows his own lead, owning his mission since the raw age of 15 when he began as an inaugural asset to the dance music industry.

With his feet firmly planted on the musically driven streets of London, Matt has fast become the talk of the electronic road, unveiling tracks across a plethora of dance music houses from Axwells Axtone to Spinnin’ and Hardwells Revealed, music has taken first gear, driving his recent US tour. It’s the talent that has breached the studio boundaries of years passed that has given Matt Nash his claim to the tunes. Probing the tips of the big room, electro and progressive house trends but keeping the roots solid, he has enticed fellow DJs and genre specific fans. With a perfectly tapped sound, it’s also opened the door for a well and truly defined sound brewing on the production of tracks on Tiestos upcoming anticipated album.

‘Starlight’ with Don Diablo released on Axtone took the throne at Beatport finding its cause at #5, peaking with over half a million eager views online. Luminous and in demand, the remix duties aren’t far behind with official remixes for Foster The People and Dragonette, while the collab hub is too exploding following ‘Hearts’ with Dave Silcox and Tom Peppe out on Revealed and ‘Praise You’ on Spinnin’ with solid partner Dave Silcox once again, emerged with stamina.

With a smooth approach to sound he delivers, the house music advocate is in a league of his own, dominating one beat to the next. The coming days are your cue to tune into the electric Matt Nash noise.