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Native to Carcassonne, in the south of France, Matt discovers a source of inspiration fast in music. In 16 years hardly it signs with lot of quality-labels, composing a minimal techno sound . he plays in big club as the rachdingue (spain), la villa rouge (monptellier), puppenfabrik (Berlin, de) and more. on still fine 2009 the exit of l ’ep " elodie " fate on stanch records to support by hawtin richie a major élement of international electronique place with a remix of shin matsura and a remix of beatamines. in 2010 of numerous supprises are going to top up.

Matt minimal continues to evolve his own unique sound. He has the rare ability to take the most pure minimalistic audio palette and inject it with his own personality, with an emphasis on clarity, momentum, depth, agility and intelligence. Utilizing these traits, combined with his unbridled creativity and innovation while performing live on stage, his strength, passion and energy shows through in his dynamic sets, creating a story and establishing a unique connection with his audience.

Today, whether it be a Live session or a DJ set, Matt’s music consistently demonstrates a respect for purist techno with powerful, chunky beats carefully arranged with energetic percussion and haunting melodies. The entertaining performances and infectious energy during his sets leaves no dancefloor unturned ! Constantly in the studio, we can expect numerous releases in the months to come on Hamburg Aufnahmen , Flat belly recordings , Fish rec , cutoff records , killing machine , elite recordings and many many more …