Matt McGuire's passion for music began at a very early age with the discovery of Pink Floyd through his older brother's record collection. In 1991, McGuire began spinning r... read more
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Matt Mcguire’s passion for music began at a very early age with the discovery of Pink Floyd through his older brother’s record collection. In 1991, McGuire began spinning records for a living at South Florida nightclubs, from West Palm Beach to Miami, covering mostly Underground Alternative and Industrial/Goth. Everything from Depeche Mode & Bauhaus to Ministry and Skinny Puppy.

In 1995 he played opening Dj sets in Ft. Lauderdale for Industrial bands Frontline Assembly, Gravity Kills, Sister Machine Gun and Evil Mothers. But in 1996 he discovered Rabbit In The Moon and a love for Breakbeats. Continuing to Dj the South Florida “rave scene”, he spent the next few years dropping mixes for crowds large and small playing alongside some of the greatest Dj’s and electronic acts out of Florida.

Wanting more and looking to expand his versatile range, McGuire left the Dj scene in 2003 when he joined Memphis, TN Budweiser True Music band ASHLEY RED. Adding his style of production to the Alternative Rock band, they continued on for a few more years playing shows throughout the American South East as well as Trinidad. Headlining their own events as well as opening for giants like Josh Todd (of Buckcherry) and Saliva.

In 2005 Matt moved to Los Angeles to form progressive metal band Asra with Ashley Red guitarist/songwriter Michael Alley. While creating intense original music, the pair struggled to finalize a line up. McGuire took on some Dj gigs from time to time, including a one shot at the world famous Roxy’s VIP lounge ON THE ROX.

2007 found McGuire busy once again in the South Florida scene playing mixed genre nightclubs. He took on everything from small clubs to charity festivals, including all kinds of music, but quickly found a love for Progressive House. Once again, back to his roots in Electronica, the ball began to roll. Continuing with local success, McGuire is now branching out into producing remixes as well as original tracks. Refusing to be pigeon holed into one specific genre, he is covering whatever “feels natural.” His Dj sets and production skills include everything from House to Acid Jazz, Trip Hop & most recently Dubstep. Always creating a vibe that “tells a story” and pushes a positive emotion on to the listener, McGuire strives forward always looking to the future.



Matt Mcguire