Top 25k on The DJ List

Matt Lawson

Tamworth, United Kingdom



Everythin changed around 18 months ago when me and a best mate were gettin a lil fed up with goin out to clubs and gettin ripped off and decided to start a night up where we could hear the music that we wanted to hear. That night was to become ‘Avant-Garde’. This was also the catalyst for me gettin back into DJing again. Iv never been one to categorize my sound within a genre but the kinda stuff iv been heavily influenced by lately would be alot of the stuff comin out of the US, producers such as Johnny Fiasco, Jake Childs & Juke Joint are makin sum wicked stuff at the mo’. Havin played regularly for Avant-Garde, i have also played at a variety of other nights around the Birmingham area on the same bill as names such as Tim Deluxe, Des Masiello and Dave Seaman.

As far as Avant-Garde goes, we have now got a number of parties in Birmingham under our belt which have all been a stormin success and have two more parties lined up at Bash Bar lounge.

Avant-Garde can also be found hosting kitchen events at various Ultra+ events in the custard factory.

From october ‘Avant-Garde’ will be co hosting some of the biggest monthly nights in Brum with Ultra+ @ Brums brand new venue ‘Cocoon’ which i guarantee everybody will be talkin about. I can assure you that there will be some real effort put into these parties with some big exciting names already lined up for the comin months including Pete Heller, Luke Dzierzek, Caged Baby and DJ Hyper and thats just a start. If you like your dance, be prepared because some of the finest artists and DJs will be comin down to play at Avant-Garde in the near future.